Get started with our EDI Data Transformation APIs

Splinx APIs use REST, authenticate with a secure and encrypted license id, and return HTTP response codes and responses encoded in either JSON or an EDI format, depending on your request.

Some of our APIs offer our proprietary Smart JSONSJ format. Our Smart JSON is specifically developed to simplify EDI requests and responses. The Smart JSON does not require EDI knowledge and will create a fully formatted EDI message. Our APIs can also transform an EDI transaction into our Smart JSON format.

All of our APIs only initiate a charge or count only if the API request was successful and no format errors were encountered.

Important: You will need to have a valid license that is specific to the EDI you would like to use for transformation.

Test licenses only support limited API calls per month

Live licenses support unlimited API calls per month

1. Create an API license

An API license is required to use any of our APIs.

Here is how you can get an API license:

1. Log in to your Splinx account

2. Select Licenses

3. Create the valid license specific to the EDI you would like to use. You can view which license is valid for each EDI by looking at our pricing page

2. Call the API

To find the link of the proper EDI that needs to be transformed, navigate to the sidebar on the left or our menu on the navigation bar to find the EDI that fits your needs.