Introducing the Splinx Portal

Simplified experience for verifying patient eligibility, all in one platform

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Our platform's exclusive advantages

The potential benefits of Splinx's Portal platform

Companies using our Portal platform can see significant processing time improvements.



More productive than traditional manual methods



Faster than calling insurance companies

Health Care Eligibility

Simple web-based portal system for small to mid-size health care providers

Enter patient details

Enter the required patient information to verify eligibility.

Choose from over 400 payers

Choose which insurance you would like to verify eligibility for. Splinx simplifies eligibility verification for patients by supporting more than 400 insurances.

View eligibility information results

After choosing the insurance, the eligibility information for the entered patient will be displayed in the portal.

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Use case

Dentistries use Splinx's Portal to lessen the workload

Simplifies the workload for the dentistry

Instead of going to each insurance website or making a phone call, dentistries turn to Splinx to use an all-in-one online platform that supports up to 400 insurances (payers).

Web-based platform

Simple web-based platform suited for quick navigation and fast results.

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