Health Care Insurance Discovery

Save money by discovering unknown insurances for patients

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Our exclusive advantages

The potential benefits of our Health Care Insurance Discovery process

Companies using our health care insurance discovery product see new revenue from newly discovered insurances. We provide commercial and Medicaid insurance discovery based on patient information.

Find commercial and Medicaid insurances


Potential success rate for finding insurances for patients

Medicaid insurances

Discover Medicaid insurance for current or retroactive eligibility, depending on the state.

Helping organizations find new health care insurances for patients

How our Health Care Insurance Discovery process works

Our batch process takes a file that contains a list of patients and verifies eligiblity for those patients depending on the specified insurances your organization sends. After processing is complete, Splinx will send a formatted file containing all of the patients and information regarding whether or not the insurance was found.

Required information for our process to work

Splinx requires the patient's first name, last name, and date of birth per each row in the CSV file.

What Splinx sends back to you

After processing is complete, Splinx will send you a formatted file that contains the patient information, including if the insurance is active or inactive.

Customized health care insurance discovery

Contact us if you need to customize our insurance discovery process based on your business needs.

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