Health Care Eligibility Verification APIs

Simplify your experience with verifying eligibility for patients by utilizing our cloud-based APIs, suited for providers and clinics

Now supporting Medicare eligibility verification APIs

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Our platform's exclusive advantages

The potential benefits of Splinx's Health Care Eligibility Verification APIs

Companies using our Health Care Eligibility Verification APIs can see significant processing time improvements.



More efficient than using EDI software



More productive than traditional manual methods



Faster than EDI software transactions

Health Care Eligibility Verification

Simple integration with time and cost savings

Send a requests using JSON or an EDI message

All you need to get started is a properly formatted Smart JSON request or an EDI message. Our APIs do the rest and send you back the response in either JSON or an EDI formatted transaction.

Reduce time spent on billing

Instantly verifying patient eligibility can reduce the time and simplify your billing processes. Integrate with our APIs to streamline your operations.

Cloud-based APIs

No need to spend hours and hours integrating with costly EDI software when you can integrate with Splinx in less than an hour, all without the need of an EDI developer.

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Business case example

Clinics use Splinx's Health Care Eligibility APIs to streamline processes

Simplifies the workload for the billing team

Using Splinx APIs, your team can verify patient eligibility for more than 400 insurances using our APIs. This reduces the manual steps that need to be taken to verify eligibility.

Accurate real-time patient eligibility

Our APIs allow clinics and providers to check patient eligibility at any given moment, reducing time spent on verifying patient eligibility.

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