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Our platform's exclusive advantages

The potential benefits of Splinx's EDI Data Transformation APIs

Companies using our APIs can realize improvements in efficiency, productivity, and speed.



More efficient than using EDI software



More productive than traditional manual methods



Faster than EDI software transactions

Helping organizations simplify their EDI experience

How our EDI Data Transformation APIs work

Using our cloud-based REST APIs, your organization will be able to transform an EDI message into a JSON format or transform JSON to an EDI transaction. This simplifies the integration with EDI, allows for a more streamlined process, and removes the need to work with complex EDI transactions.

Providing Smart JSON to select EDIs

Our Smart JSON is specifically developed to simplify EDI transactions. The Smart JSON does not require EDI knowledge and will create a fully formatted EDI message. Our APIs can also transform an EDI transaction into our Smart JSON format.

Offering a complete JSON-formatted transformation for EDIs

Our APIs will transform an EDI message into a fully formatted EDI JSON message. Our APIs work both ways, allowing you to also transform the fully formatted EDI JSON message into an EDI transaction. This streamlines EDI integration by working with JSON-formatted EDI transactions.

Supported EDIs



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Business case example

Clinics use Splinx's EDI Data Transformation APIs to simplify their processes

Clinics use our APIs to deliver fast and secure eligibility verification for their patients

Deliver faster verification for your patients by using our low latency cloud-based APIs.

Simple IT Integration using our JSON format

No EDI development is required, effectively saving costs and allowing your business to focus on other operations.

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