Simplify your claim payment management experience

Receive reports in easy-to-read Smart JSON formats and automatically integrate them with your billing system

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Benefits of our claim remittance solution

Accelerate health care revenue and identify revenue loss

Working with our APIs for claim remittance, you can receive a digitalized report based on the claim remittance response from the insurance company. Our report can help your organization discover and save potential revenue loss.


Identify payments by claim or patient and discover errors


Automated reports allow for better productivity rates

How to get started with our Claim Remittance Solution

Create an account and an EDI Healthcare Data Transformation License

Once you create an account, you will need to create an EDI Healthcare Data Transformation license in order to use our product.

Generate reports using our APIs

Once a license is created, refer to our docs to integrate our APIs with your system. When you send us the EDI generated by the insurance, you will receive a readable JSON format in response.

Customized remittance reporting

Contact us if you need customized reporting or integration solutions.

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